Meet this man of african origin.

I don’t know how he looks like, don’t know what he does, don’t know where exactly he is from (maybe he has said, but I don’t remember), in other words, I don’t know him very well.
Yet, he is a nice guy. He has about same age as me (I won’t tell his age, but if you know mine, you know his xD), therefore we have similar tastes and ideas.

He is a strong and dedicated archer and has been around for at least two years. When I started to play he was already very strong.

In the guild chat he doesn’t appear much. Only to court the ladies or to make some joke #00.

Bernardo is not much of a casher. He spends, from what I can see, very few. Don’t know his reasons – but we all have them.

We have played side by side in many events; and we must play even more.

He speaks afrikaans.


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