Goodies Link – How to make many points

So, this was supposed to be posted one year ago.

I firstly made some pictures. But, then I thought it wasn’t good enough.

So, I started making a video. Inspite the fact that video takes too much disk space, I was still doing it.

Suddenlty, this VideoPAD software (from NCH), asked me to buy their license. Since I didn’t, I couldn’t finish the editions.

Today I found a new software and would finish the video edition, but now I realized I no longer have the videos takes.

I’m posting here some screenshots and one video I have made long ago.
It isn’t good, the other one I was doing was better.

Atleast you can have an idea on how I did play Goodies Link back in the time.



Goodies-link-ranking-9th goodies-link-perfect-game-35-combo
goodies-link-howto goodies-link-howto2


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