I’m Vadia Sapeca a mage that is trying to get stronger day by day.


Server: Kongregate – Server 13 – US West
Level: 80
Advanced Lvl: 8 / 8 (Dragon Soul Warlock)
BR: 1,666,000
MATK: 177k
MDEF: 83k
PDEF: 62k
CRIT: 19k
HP: 527k

Although I get frustrated from time to time because of the mechanics of Wartune – which requires full time commitment and doesn’t allow a player that doesn’t pay to grow (a lot of features are simply locked for non-paying players) -, I still come back everyday -_-
Another bad side is that the game is enormously heavy and the support isn’t effective: their default answer is always like: “We are sorry but we can’t do anything regarding your issue, because it would unbalance the game.”Info-1,118K-BR Info-1,666K-BRCasados-Cacauz-Vadia